Krystin enos


Major & Year: Sports Management / 2010

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville: Leonardo's

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones & The Office

First Job: Ice Cream Scooper

Bucket List Travel Location: Ireland

Bungee Jump or Zip Line? Bungee Jump

Ability to Teleport or Fly? Fly

Batman or Superman? Captain America

Fictional Place to Visit? Hogwarts


Kendra williams


Major & Year: Anthropology / 2010

Bucket List Travel Location: Bali

First Job: Sales Associate at Kirkland's

Farthest Travel Destination: Rome

Favorite Disney Movie or Character: Minions

Favorite Weird Smell: Fresh Diapers from the Box

Any Animal as a Pet? White Tiger

Bungee Jump or Zip Line? Zip Line

Xena or Wonder Woman? Xena


Jenna Scolaro*


Major & Year: Business Administration / 2012

Any Animal as a Pet? Otter

If You Could Have Any Skill? Play the Ukulele

Ultimate Celebrity BFF? Emma Stone

Bucket List Travel Location: Japan

Ever Play Sports? Wii Bowling

Batman or Superman? Superman

Explore Space or the Ocean? Space

Teleport or Fly? Teleport


Tiffanni allen


Major & Year? Family, Youth & Community Sciences / 2010

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville? Copper Monkey

Favorite Band in College? All American Rejects

Hobbies? Reading

Bucket List Travel Location: All of Europe

Fictional Place to Visit? Hogwarts

Pirates or Ninjas? Ninjas

Explore Space or the Ocean? Space

Surprising Fact? Graduated High School at 16


daniel barcia*

Immediate Past President, VP of Athletics

Major & Year: Marketing / 2007

Best Gator Sports Memory? SC Blocked Kick

First Job: Mailbox Repairman

Weirdest Thing Ever Eaten? Ostrich

Hobbies: Concerts

Bucket List Travel Location: Ireland

Favorite Food? Pizza

Pirates or Ninjas? Ninjas

First CD? Vanilla Ice


cariann ziegler moore*

vp of communications

Major & Year: Political Science / 2000

Bucket List Travel Location: All 7 Continents

Favorite Band While in College? Big Sky

Best Gator Sports Memory? 1st National Championship

Speak Any Other Languages? Secret Language with my Sister

Describe the Perfect Date: April 25

Any Animal as a Pet? Bunny

Pirates or Ninjas? Pirates

Night Owl or Early Bird? Early Bird


sean pleus

Board member

Major & Year? Business / 2002

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville? Swamp

Teleport or Fly? Teleport

Favorite TV Show? Big Bang Theory

Favorite Band in College? Outkast

Favorite Food? Chick-Fil-A

Pirates or Ninjas? Pirates

Bucket List Travel Destination? Italy

First Job? McDonald's


casey golden

vp of socials & Young Alumni

Major & Year: English / 2007

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville: Sonny's

Greek Life? Delta Tau Delta

If You Could Live Anywhere? London

Ever Play Sports? Volleyball

Favorite TV Show? Friends

Bucket List Travel Destination: China

Teleport or Fly? Teleport

Batman or Superman? Batman


Julie Van Pelt

Board member

Major & Year: Accounting / 2007

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville? Five Star Pizza

Favorite TV Show? Gilmore Girls

Bucket List Travel Location: Greece

Favorite Food? Tacos

Pirates or Ninjas? Ninjas

First CD? No Doubt

First Job? Clerical Work at an Office

Explore Space or the Ocean? Ocean

ranata simmons

Board member

Ranata's Info is Coming Soon!

kristina wagner

Co-vp of watch parties & volunteers

Major & Year? Russian / 2017

Any Animal as a Pet? Loggerhead Turtle

Weirdest Thing Ever Eaten? Kangaroo

Favorite Disney Movie or Character? Nemo

Favorite Food? Indian

Pirates or Ninjas? Pirates

Farthest Travel Destination? Barcelona 

First Job? Starbucks Barista

If You Could Live Anywhere? Bali

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trina clark

Co-VP, watch parties & volunteers

Trina's Info Coming Soon!

mitch hirsch

Vp, Sponsorships

Major & Year? Finance / 1983

Ever Play Any Sports? Baseball and Tennis

First Job? Paper Boy

Favorite Disney Movie or Character? Goofy

Explore Space or the Ocean? Space

Pirates or Ninjas? Pirates

Bucket List Travel Destination? Israel

Best Gator Sports Memory? 2008 Championship 

Speak Any Other Languages? Spanish

josh pollock

VP, Membership

Major & Year? Wildlife Ecology / 2010

Greek Life? Alpha Epsilon Pi

Favorite Food Spot in Gainesville? Ballyhoo

Any Animal as a Pet? Pig

Hobbies? Cooking and Drumming

Bucket List Travel Location: Australia

Fictional Place to Visit? Pandora

Pirates or Ninjas? Pirates

Explore Space or the Ocean? Ocean

tammy ramirez

VP, Academics 

Tammy's Info Coming Soon!

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sarah stabile

board member

Major & Year? Math Education / 2017

Explore Space or the Ocean? Space

Bungee Jump or Zip Line? Zip Line

Favorite Disney Movie or Character? Aristocats

Fictional Place to Visit? Tardis

Tacos or Pizza? Pizza

Farthest Travel Destination? Alaska

Night Owl or Early Bird? Night Owl

Play Any Instruments? Flute

shari scalone POLLoCK

board member

Major & Year? Spanish & Judaic Studies / 2007

Favorite Disney Movie or Character? Maleficent

Any Animal as a Pet? Horse

Hobbies? Art

Ultimate Celebrity BFF? Paul Rudd

Teleport or Fly? Teleport

Books or Movies? Books

Weirdest Thing Ever Eaten? Escargot

Explore Space or the Ocean? Ocean

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tony stabile

board member

Favorite Disney Movie or Character? Fantasia

Bucket List Travel Destination? Italy

Favorite TV Show? NCIS

Teleport or Fly? Teleport

Ever Play Sports? Baseball

Batman or Superman? Superman

First Job? Bag Boy

Books or Movies? Books

More Time or More Money? Time

*Denotes past president